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The hh five is a hand gesture that occurs when two people simultaneously raise one hand each, about head-hh, and push, slide, or slap the flat of their palm against the flat palm of the other person.

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The gesture is often preceded verbally by a phrase like "Give me five", "Hh five", or "Up hh." Its meaning varies with the context of use but can include as a greeting, congratulations, or celebration.

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Dan Hewitt on Twitter "Worst hh 5 of all time. https//.

There are many orin stories of the hh five, but the two most documented candidates are Dusty Baker and n Burke of the Los Angeles Dodgers professional baseball team on October 2, 1977, and Wiley Brown and Derek Smith of the Louisville Cardinals men's college basketball team during the 1978–1979 season.

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In the sixth inning, Dusty Baker hit a home run off Houston Astros pitcher J. It was a wild, triumphant moment and a good omen as the Dodgers headed to the playoffs.

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