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During our POF review we found that it looks appealing at first, in that their front page displays four local possible matches (though they won’t actually be local if you use proxies or a tunneling protocol) before you even register.

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On the lower third of the page, they also talk about how they’ve been featured in various media, including magazine covers. Of course, then you register, and that’s where it comes crashing down. The 13% contact rate, or sixty-five contacts, places it just below on our timewasters list.

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The front page claims 50% of your contacts will pan out, which is sort of hard to believe, given we had a contact rate of 13%. That makes it the second best of all the ones that don’t actually work.

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We got a total of 0% of our contacts to arrange a date. We don’t think there’s any point in wasting time on a site with so few actual contacts, especially if we don’t get to meet a woman from it. Other sites do much better, even ones that we don’t recommend. 50% of contacts result in a future partner in the top ten? And 17% of the time, they pick the person you’ll end up dating?

Is there any dating sites like pof:

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