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Special Installment Plan* First Installment Fee: $99.95 Pay 34.95 per month for 12 additional months (only $8.07 per week on average) $20 starter fee waived Early Cancellation Fee applies (See below for details) PLEASE NOTE: Online automatiy renews at the end of the 13-month Special Installment Plan, and you will be charged the standard monty plan fee (currently $19.95) until you cancel. $5 more/per week is calculated based on the average weekly cost of the Installment Plan ($8.07/week) as compared to the average weekly cost of Online Plus over 13 months (based on the average length month) and assumes completion of full term.

Tutorial How to Set Up and Pair Apple Watch with iPhone - iMobie

After the first installment payment, you will be charged a monty fee of $34.95 for the next 12 months until you cancel.

With Primetime TV, <b>Apple</b> Hopes to <b>Hook</b> Customers for New <b>Watch</b>.

How to ensure Apple Watch is connected to a Wi-Fi network

† Over $125 savings available with purchase of Apple Watch Online standard rate for 13 months plus the waiver of a $20 starter fee.

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The cancellation fee will be reduced by $25.33 per month thereafter.

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