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Nash possesses a brand of quick-witted honesty you almost never see in an actress, an honesty she brings to bear on her warts-and-all role as overworked, put-upon geriatric nurse Didi Ortley on HBO’s a much more complicated show than you expect, with the dark comedy and whatnot.

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What has your experience been with fans in their reactions to this role versus others that you’ve done?

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Two things I get quite a bit: The first thing is the fact that they’ve never seen me in a role quite like this. ” The other thing, I get a lot of people saying that either they care for their elderly parent or grandparent or that they’re nurses. It is exactly how it is, you make it funny but heartwarming at the same time, I laugh, I cry” so those are the compliments I received. When I first met my husband, I said that I didn’t like him because I thought he was too serious.

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He’s so serious.” And you know me, I like to have fun and I said, “I don’t like him, I pass.” And then my friend looked over my shoulder and saw him talking to another woman — and he was laughing and holding court, he was the life of the party — and she said, “Who is that bitch talking to your new husband? That is my husband, I’ve got to get over there and get my man back.” So my husband always says that it was competition that brought us together and I’m like, “No, it was not competition, it was the fact that I said I only saw one side of you and made the mistake of judging you just for that one side.” And now I kid you not, and I know every comedian in the world, nobody makes me laugh harder than my husband.

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