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By: Muriel Every time I watch a TV series, there is a French man having an affair with one of the main characters. Well, obviously, since I moved to London, things have changed quite a bit. They are always immaculate and don't do fashion faux pas such as wearing too many stripes or having sport socks with a business suit.

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My new favourite series, Homeland, is no exception: Saul’s wife, Mira, is falling for a French colleague. I believe that I am therefore is a unique position to compile for you a list of the main differences between French men and their British counterparts.

<b>Dating</b> in France AUCP Legacy Blog

Dating in France AUCP Legacy Blog

I would know, I used to be surrounded by French men because I studied science. Sense of fashion First of all, French men know how to dress.

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However Muriel has clearly done her research and I defer to her entertaining experience in this field!

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