Fake harry dating show

I wanna marry Harry' controversial TV show is coming to UK Royal.

When women would unknowingly fawn over a man who was no more than a construction worker made to be believed he was a millionaire?


Well, those days are back, but this time, there's a regal twist to it!

I wanna marry <em>Harry</em>' controversial TV <em>show</em> is coming to UK Royal.

I Wanna Marry Harry' lures 12 American women into a royal dating.

The masterminds at Fox secretly created the new reality TV show, set to air this summer, titled where 12 American women are flown over to England to try and win the heart of this Prince Harry impostor!

I Watched "I Want to Marry Harry" So You Don't Have To.

But seriously, it blows our mind these 12 women couldn't see the difference between the two?

Fake harry dating show:

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