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The title is really a misnomer, because for the most part I will assume here that you can distinguish an alto saxophone from a tenor saxophone.

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What I will attempt to do on this page is give some explanation on the numbers and letters you see on Conn saxophones (and other woodwinds), shed some lht on the names floating around for Conn saxophones from the different periods and I will give a table with some of the basic mechanical (!

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) differences between the Conn saxophones from various periods. Numbers and Letters On the back of many Conn saxophones (and other woodwinds) you will find a bunch of numbers and letters.

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New Wonder For New Wonder models, the format should look like this: PATD. 8, 1914 1119954 Eb M153995 L What this means is this: Model names I am not going to recite a complete list of all Conn saxophone model names here; the objective is to clarify same perhaps rarely used proper names or frequently used incorrect names. The "New Invention" is an official Conn model name, produced between 19.

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