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This fear-mongering winter phenomenon has even been dubbed “cuffing season,” the act of locking down with someone for fear of spending long, cold, winter nhts alone.

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But ladies, do not be fooled by this scare tactic, men do not disappear in the winter—you just need to know how to find them. There are worse things that can happen to you in the winter than being without a man—like being stuck with one out of pure desperation because you have insanely decided to “cuff” yourself to him all winter long. So gird your loins and face the winter like a woman who not only knows how to survive, but thrive this season.

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Good guys are out there weathering the cold on their own too.

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Here are some tips to get you started…and the rest I leave up to you.01. This is a tried and true method for a.) Meeting men and b.) Avoiding the “if only I had someone here beside me” rabbit hole we fall into when we are at home and feeling blue.

Winter dating tips:

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