Dating but not relationship

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It's hardly news that conventional dating norms have gone out the window and, with them, so too have traditional dating labels.

I want a casual hookup, not a relationship – how do I say.

"Boyfriend" and "girlfriend" seem to share the same fate as the now arcane "going steady." People are still dating -- sure -- but recently, would-be couples less readily refer to one another as "boyfriend" or "girlfriend," opting instead for basic , sans label.

This Is What You It When You're <em>Dating</em>, <em>But</em> <em>Not</em>.

Sns That Dating Won't Necessarily Lead to a Relationship.

Of my friends who entered into relationships in the past year, every single one of them first entered a period of exclusivity before even remotely venturing into "boyfriend/girlfriend" territory.

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"How is dating her exclusively any different from ing her your girlfriend?

Dating but not relationship:

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