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Anorexic blasts NHS for refusing her priority. - Mail Online

Question: What did you find when you started looking into the world of online dating?

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Dan Ariely: I became interested in online dating because one of the people who were sitting in an office next to me was incredibly miserable, and he was an assistant professor; he just moved to the university where I was at; he was spending long hours; he was not finding anybody to date; he was, couldn’t date students at the university, he was a professor; he didn’t have time to go outside.

<strong>Anorexic</strong> blasts NHS for refusing her priority. - Mail <strong>Online</strong>

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You know, we were not particularly a social bunch, you know, he was basiy stuck. So I start looking by registering myself and looking at other people and then I said, let me ask some of my friends to enroll.

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" And I took people that I liked more and I liked less, and I took their profile and I tried to fure out could I tell the difference? Imagine you went to 50 people you really like and 50 people you only like so-so, and you asked all of them to fill this profile, then you took this 100 profiles and you tried to sort them out into piles. And then went a step further, did some studies with online daters about how much they enjoyed it and what they were getting from it, until the final stage, we, I fured out, I thought I knew what was going on, which is that online dating sites assume that people are easy to describe on searchable attributes.

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