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,” said the two young female Mongolian teachers, in stereo, as we walked across the parking lot towards the elementary school where we’d be working together. I’ve since heard it numerous times, and always from Mongolian women.

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“Then you must like a manly man,” said one of them, while the other smiled in agreement. Mongolians, upon learning that I am married to one of their own, show a look of surprise–with eyes opening wide and an audible “Oh, really? I’ve been introduced to various forms and interpretations of masculinity.

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” As in other Asian countries, it’s far more common to see a Western man with an Asian woman, and less common to see my pairing–a Western woman with an Asian man. I’ve encountered stereotypical Hispanic machismo and watched as many a nice guy seemed to finish last (and then didn’t).

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I joined the Army National Guard when I was 17 and pride myself on being both self confident and independent. But I am living in what one has coined as Mangolia, and I am married to a Mongolian man.

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