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A crossover that has no regard for personality or coherence.

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So bad that Satan wouldn't accept it even if you sold your soul.

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I could go into more detail, but we have a fanfic to mock.

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Tiny Toons; the lost episode “ Muscle Toon Beach Posedown.” Starring: Babs Bunny Fifi Le Fume Shirley Loon Rhubella Rat Margo Mallard Helen Horse Co-Starring: Arnold the Pitbull Buster Bunny Hampton J. Scene One: Acme Acres Looniversity The day of education is over and the sky is clear and hot for the first day of Spring break in Acme Acres.(bell tolling) crowd of toons rushing out of the school Babs descends the stairs with Fifi on her left and Shirley on her rht they are gabbing about what else…boys. ” (southern drawl) “ Sure is hot today I reckon.” (spits into a spittoon off camera a stalk of hay in her mouth and her fingers underneath a pair of coverall straps she is suddenly wearing as opposed to the usually yellow and purple skirt combo she wears)Fifi: (wiping her brow nods) “ It iz indeed how you say…miserably hot today, no? It’s like, totally bumming my good vibes or something.” Babs: “ Well we got a whole week to do what ever we want, and what better way to spend it then…” All three girls shouting in unison: “ At the Beach!

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