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You can transform your presentations by mining your expertise, experience, and epiphanies. Neil Gaiman’s 2012 commencement speech for Philadelphia’s University for the Arts shows the payoff of distilling your b idea into a crystal-clear sound bite.

How Q Hacked Online Dating - Chapter 1 - JayEz - James Bond.

Start by writing down things about your work; your best practices, non-negotiables, and the things you’d like to pass on that you think would open people’s minds and get them talking. ” they’re talking about your movie and marketing it to profitability. “Make Good Art” resonated so powerfully with the initial audience of hundreds, the video went viral within days and was turned into a best-selling book.

How Q Hacked Online <em>Dating</em> - Chapter 1 - JayEz - James Bond.

B Data and Relationships Is There A Secret Algorithm For Love.

Next, take those ideas and run them through the “Seven Cs of Orinal Messaging.” These criteria can be used both as a guide and a litmus test to come up with a b idea that pops you out of the pack. Do people walk out of the theater repeating something they heard word for word? Sam Horn is on a mission to help entrepreneurs create more compelling presentations, pitches, and proposals.

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If they can’t, your b idea will be in one ear, out the other.

Ted dating algorithm:

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