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We’ve all seen it, we’ve all heard it, and yes, some of us have even said it ourselves: “I want a Korean boyfriend/I want to date someone like (insert Kpop idol name here).” For all us forward thinking, older fans out there, these phrases usually invoke a series of eye rolling and reflective questioning of “Really?

The Pitfalls Of Dating Why Being A Kpop Fan Is Bad -

” and “You know that’s never going to happen, rht?

The Pitfalls Of <strong>Dating</strong> Why Being A Kpop Fan Is Bad -

Celebrity Korean and Black Couples - Past and Present - Asian.

” But for many singles out there finding a guy who is as good looking as Rain (Bi), as charismatic as Kim Junsu (JYJ), as hilarious as Jackson (Got7), and as fashion forward as G-Dragon (BBANG) is completely on their ‘to do’ list in a b way.

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However these beliefs have not halted the droves of singles flocking to online portals, SNS services, and dating sites in hopes of making a connection.

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