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I mean, that’s what everyone should do once he exits the Matrix. You want to exit the Matrix, walk away from all the feminist propaganda and political correctness that the West is torturing you with and find love, romance and happiness in the most beautiful city of the Philippines. Well, if you are lucky, you have 900 competitors who all write to the same girl.

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I am pretty sure he sned up on the same online dating site that I sned up on a while ago. How does the typical male to female ration look like on online dating sites in the West?

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Maybe you are a bit nervous, because you’ve never dated a beautiful woman who was born and raised in Cebu. All you need is the rht Cebu online dating site and the perfect plan. Let me rephrase Morpheus’ wise words: It is impossible for you to NOT get a date with at least one beautiful Filipina during your next trip to Cebu if you follow the advice that I share with you in this article. No matter how old you are, you will succeed in Cebu. She then looks through all the messages, replies to the one who has “” in his profile and deletes the rest.

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I am not lying to you when I say that you can’t fail at online dating in Cebu and Morpheus isn’t either. I mean, there is a reason why so many guys decide that “going their own way” is the only possible solution. These men forget about one missing piece in the puzzle. It’s finally time to say “hello” to a world where beautiful young women do anything to get YOUR attention.

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