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"Czech me out," "Czech mate" or the painful "the Czech's in the mail." Here's one you mht want to remember.

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Czech Point is a government-run network of information points, located at town halls and post offices around the country, where you can pick up the most commonly requested official documents.

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Documents which can be obtained from Czech Point are: • A statement from the land registry (Výpis z katastru nemovitostí), which is useful if you are buying property and you want more information about the building • A statement from the company registry (Výpis z Obchodního rejstříku), which is useful if you are planning to buy or do business with a company • A statement from the trade license registry (Výpis z živnostenského rejstříku), if you need to know more about the business activities of a trade-license holder • An extract from the penal register (Rejstřík trestů) The new system promises to cut down the legwork involved in obtaining official documents and, in the words of the official Czech Point website, to place "offices in the palm of our hands."For a full list of locations (in Czech), see the official Czech Point website.

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Czech Point probably won't reduce the total amount of bureaucracy you have to deal with.

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