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According to The Hollywood Gossip, Meri, who was caught up in a humiliating Catfish scandal last year when she sought romance with a new man online after she and Kody legally divorced so he could marry Robyn, was feeling neglected at home by Kody since he allegedly only paid attention to Robyn and was only intimate with her-and her loneliness made her seek out the new relationship, only for her to be once again devastated when what she saw as a purported ticket out of the polygamous relationship she is in was once again snatched away.

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"While they were filming the b family trip to Hawaii Meri went off to do her own thing and met this man," a source told the website. He was nice and it was easy because she really craves attention since she's not getting it back home, but turns out he's gay!

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Sister Wives star Mykelti Brown ties the knot with boyfriend Antonio.

" Meri was even planning on a future with him, and was ready to leave the family behind to do so when she learned the news.

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If the reports are true-either of the man's sexual orientation or Meri's plans to be with him-it will be the second time the sister wife, Kody's first, would be humiliated in her attempts to leave the lifestyle behind.

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