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C-Je S has confirmed that the Dispatch report about the couple on January 1st was true, and stated, “The two started off as a sunbae/hoobae relationship and as friends, but they started to have good feelings for each other and became a couple.

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The two are public fures, and have gained a lot of love from fans.

Breaking <b>JYJ</b>'s Junsu and EXID's Hani Reportedly <b>Dating</b>, C-JeS.

Breaking JYJ's Junsu and EXID's Hani Reportedly Dating, C-JeS.

They’re grateful for the support and concert, but we are unable to reveal anymore as it’s their private matter.

EXID's Hani and JYJ's Junsu confirm breakup

Their acquaintances revealed that Junsu was first drawn to Hani’s appearance and inner beauty, while Hani is known for her strahtforward personality.

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