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Forget weaving your way through a crowded noisy club to talk to a cute girl… The app is all about speed and finding someone now, so you have to go through the candidates fast.

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Just sit back in your pants, put your feet up and get swiping. So what are the best adult dating apps and how quickly can you get laid? Not only that the user base can sometimes be flaky in areas that are not busy.

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it’s Friday nht, you have no plans and you really just want to stay in with a pizza and a beer, whilst you fall asleep with Breaking Bad playing on Netflix. There’s a one-hour chat limit, so you’d better make a quick connection. Because the process is so quick, you may find some issues going through potential dates.

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Of course, you can always swipe left and pretend that you never saw them. There’s no worry about someone finding your profile because it’s deleted after an hour.

Is just hook up a legit site:

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