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It's impressive not only for what the setup includes (a genuine Norwegian 50's credenza and HDTV flat panel), but also because of what's not visible: cords, cables and other home entertainment components!

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Wife and husband blogging duo Moriya and Steve of The Harpster Home enjoy a home entertainment setup most of us dream of..without the eyesore of dangling cables. After doing a bit of wall surgery, Steve installed a pair of Carlon 1-Gang Low-Voltage Old-Work Brackets and cover pieces on top to route all necessary A/V and power cables through the wall (note: it's hy recommended run power cables through walls without the expert aid of a professional installer for safety), then hung up their display at just the rht heht (Steve is a mechanical engineer with what his wife s a "knack for details"..it shows! Moriya was initially horrified Steve drilled a hole in the back of their pristine and genuine 1950's credenza to route all their home entertainment tech cables for connectivity from the inside of the cabinet space to their display, but upon seeing the results had to admit the results were worth the minor alteration.

How to Connect an HDTV to Your Sound System or <i>Home</i> Theater.

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And I'd totally agree...it's a beautiful example of keeping tech out of view with a little effort and planning.

How to Connect an HDTV to Your Sound System or Home Theater.

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Home entertainment center hook up:

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