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Vulture interviewed last nht), is an overweht woman who works as a waitress at the Comedy Cellar and keeps bugging Louie to go on a date with her.

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He eventually relents and they spend an enjoyable day strolling around New York and cracking each other up — until she refers to herself as fat and Louie tells her she isn’t.

<em>Girls</em>. Would you date a <em>fat</em> <em>guy</em>? - The Student

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This launches her into an inspired monologue about the many ways in which being an overweht woman is being worse than an overweht guy. And yet you would never date a girl like me.” It’s a cutting point: Louie, the very embodiment of portliness and scumpiness, sees himself as somehow above women who are overweht. They’re conditioned to see themselves as beneath So is she, rht? “Men and women do differ on how much their assessment of physical attractiveness is influenced by body weht,” said Eli Finkel, a relationship and attraction expert at Northwestern University, in an email.

Girls. Would you date a fat guy? - The Student

And, even beyond that point, weht is more strongly linked to a woman’s attractiveness than a man’s.” What complicates things a bit, though, is that men and women aren’t as different as we think they are when it comes to how important looks are in the grand scheme of things.

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