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Hi all, I wanted to announce that we just launched a new dating site for outdoor enthusiasts at We started the site as a free service to bring together like minded people who enjoy outdoor activities such as camping, hiking, fishing, hunting, sport shooting, etc.

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Personal experience and watching my friends over the years has taught me that finding someone who shares your passion of the outdoors is just one of many essential elements to a successful relationship, whether it's dating or marriage (for you who are hunting rht now, you know what I mean! There are tons of dating sites on the Internet, but none are more focused on the outdoor community than Outdoor

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We are committed to providing a 100% FREE, safe, and fun environment for finding others who enjoy the outdoor activities that we all pursue on a regular basis. We've already been mentioned on,, and by several outdoor columnists, so we're excited to see this site take off!

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Chennai is widely perceived as a ‘conservative’ city and dating is still a new concept in Chennai. Young men and women in Chennai are trying their luck through dating apps and there are plenty of apps to choose from.

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