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TACOMA -- Kelsey Fischer has taught hundreds of Pierce County hh school students how to recognize unhealthy relationships in a dital age.“It’s more common than we realize,” said Fisher, who shares in every presentation that one in three U. "I point that out to let teens know the magnitude of it.

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The proof is on a list Fischer keeps, with names and numbers of more than 50 Washington students who've asked for her help since she started speaking in local health classes last September."A good chunk of them will because they are worried about a friend," she said.

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'" Kelsey Fischer (Provided Photo)That's sometimes a tricky question for Fischer to answer.

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If one partner says ' Hey, I'm at home with my mom,' the other partner may say ' Send me a picture rht now. Let me know where you are.'"Experts it dital control -- those relationships where one partner demands passwords, reads text messages and expects constant contact with their snificant other.

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