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Two Fridays ago, Emily Blim was walking back to her apartment after her final class of the week, when a particularly trendy friend – someone Blim described as “really up on, like, all the apps” – told her about a hot new hookup app ed Friendsy.

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The two sat down to download it and try it out together.“Within a matter of minutes, we went through everyone on there,” said Blim, a School of Communications sophomore. That just happened.’”More than 1,700 Northwestern students are on Friendsy as of Monday nht – a fairly impressive feat after just one week.

The Rise Of The <strong>Hookup</strong> App - BuzzFeed

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Despite some mixed reactions toward the nitty-gritties of Friendsy’s matchup system, the app’s viral campus takeover speaks to exactly why college students love dating apps in the first place – and it's not just because they're "too busy" or uninterested in forming relationships in person.

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“You have more outlets to meet new people besides just your dorm.”Including last week’s arrival at Northwestern, Friendsy now operates at a total of 41 campuses, 35 of which launched within the last month.

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